• All-in-one smart touch screen(Single and double screen)__i7 plus

  • Smart leadingPOSThe cash register(Three screens)__i3

  • Mobile intelligentPOSMachine__i5

  • No self-service cajas__i500

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    Product description

    Three blue(SANLAN)The fifth generationPOSSeries of products by GermanyBRAUNThe company design,Won2011Years、2013And the year 2015Hanover industrial modelling design award。Three blue(SANLAN)Is a collection of production enterprises、Research and development、Sales、High and new technology enterprise at an organic whole,Enterprise brand:(Three blueSANLAN)、(The boss bankBOSSBANK)、(TaikeTAIKE)Three major brands。The main products are:BusinessPOSThe cash register,Touch screen machine,The cash register,POSMachine,Cashbox,Programmable mechanical keyboard,Touch screen display,Gu,The ticket machine,Electronic scale,Barcode scales,Intelligent self-service equipment production and businessERPManagement of software development。

  • i7 plus

  • i5

  • i7

  • i6

  • VPOS

Technical solutions

Three blue has been in the country have extensive customer base,Have a high market share,The company has become the country's most influential businessPOSOne of the software developers。

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